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TAHR will join March for Democracy in Los Angeles


Thais and international allies are invited to the

March for Democracy, Los Angeles, Saturday, July 30, 2016,

beginning 5pm in front of the Royal Thai Consulate, 611 N. Larchmont Blvd (Los Angeles, CA 90004).

At 6:00pm, we will then march for democracy on Hollywood Blvd from Wilcox to Mann Chinese Theatre.

We will be urging the Thai people to VOTE NO! in the upcoming referendum on the corrupt junta-drafted constitution.

Pro-democracy Thai-American and Thais and Farang (non-Thais) from all over the United States and Canada will join together in this event. All lovers of democracy are welcome; Thai and English will be used. You don’t need to be Thai to participate.

The March will be broadcast live from Los Angeles to Thai viewers worldwide. Local media are welcome. Leaders in the Thai human rights and democracy movement will be giving interviews. Information packets available for those who wish to learn about the struggle for democracy and human rights in Thailand.

The following media channels will be broadcasting live:

Ajahn Waan of Media Force.
Dr. Piangdin Rakthai’s United Networks of Red Ants for Democracy.
TPRUD  (Thai People’s Revolutionary University for Democracy)
The Organization of FreeThais for Human Rights and Democracy (OFHD)
NCP EU Sweden channel.
Thai Voice Media and Jom Voice with Jom Petchpradab
And RedUSA facebook live.