Letters to help Human Rights Lawyer Sirikan (June) Chareonsiri, who was charged with sedition for defending her clients in the New Democracy Movement


Below is my letter. To learn how you can send a letter for Khun June, click through to Amnesty International’s URGENT ACTION appeal for Sirikan (June) Chareonsiri.

Dear Ambassador,

สวัสดีค่ะ I am Ann Norman with the Thai Alliance for Human Rights ภาคีไทยเพื่อสิทธิมนุษยชน. We are an American-based Thai Human Rights group consisting mostly of Thai-Americans. We are very concerned about Sirikan (June) Charoensiri, the Human Rights Lawyer who has been charged with sedition for actions taken in the process of defending the New Democracy Movement activists. It appears that Khun June was just doing her job and has broken no laws. First she refused a warrant-less search and then she complained about it. One would expect she had a legal right to do both things. To charge her with sedition requires that one twist and stretch the law. The charge of sedition seems totally baseless. She was just working with a nonprofit, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, to defend her clients.

As Amnesty International was taking up the case, our organization was also being asked to do something for Khun June. We heard from people who know her. They are quite distressed that their friend Khun June, a lovely woman who was only trying to do good in the world now faces a trial for sedition and the possibility of 15 years imprisonment. This seems completely contrary to all fairness and common sense. She was defending her clients against an injustice, and now Khun June becomes yet another victim of that same injustice.

We are also unhappy with the repression of peaceful dissent in Thailand. We call on authorities to end the repression and to respect the human rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly. We are unhappy that Sirikan (June) Charoensiri is being tried in a military court. Any trial should take place in a civilian court.

We hope you can do something to reverse this terrible mistake that may send poor Khun June to jail for 15 years. Please drop the charges immediately.

Thank you so much,

Ann Norman
แอน นอร์มาน
Executive Director, Thai Alliance for Human Rights

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