Free Pai Dao Din! Jailed today Dec. 3 for sharing a BBC news story about King Vajiralongorn

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Dao Din Declaration on the Arrest of Jatupat Boompattararaksa:

Jatupat (Pai) Boompattararaksa is a member of Dao Din and a person who habitually uses Facebook in accessing various kinds of information and news. He is no different than the rest of us who can access social media more easily than 7-Eleven. He is one of thousands of people who shared a news story published by BBC-Thai, but in his case a warrant was issued for his arrest under Article 112 [the lese majesty law against insulting royalty]. The person who has brought the case is a soldier. At this time the police have taken Jatupat to the Khon Kaen police station to proceed with the case. These actions by the authorities are a grave violation of and are in conflict with the principles of human rights and Freedom of expression in line with democracy. These actions are a clear instance of selective treatment by the authorities and indicate the lace of respect for rights and freedom in Thai society, as no one should be arrested for simply posting on Facebook. We are simply students, and the children and grandchildren of ordinary, common people who have become victims of the powerful who have fixed upon and attacked Dao Din.

Therefore we call for the unconditional and immediate release of our brother and member of Dao Din, and call for the criminal charge for merely sharing news on Facebook to be dropped.

In the spirit of human rights.

3 December 2016
Dao Din

CLICK HERE for the English version of the news story that Khun Pai shared.

CLICK HERE for a Bangkok Post story on the arrest.

UPDATE: Pai Dao Din has been released but is still charged with lese majesty which carries a penalty of 3 to 15 years in jail. He says he is not removing the article he shared from his Facebook page.

In related news, the case of the young man accused of lese majesty for liking a joke about the King’s dog is still making it’s way through the “justice system.” It was decided last week that Khun Thanakorn will be tried in a military court for liking that joke.


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