Still Looking for ex-Princess Srirasmi

By Ann Norman

This week I was delighted to hear from a friend that the ex-Princess Srirasmi is still alive. He sent me a video that shows her very clearly walking behind the royal family at what looks to be the funeral of King Bhumipol. An arrow points her out and highlights the blurry pictures of her. If is definitely her. I went to my facebook page to share good news (with an apology for the false alarm that she may be dead), when the same friend said, “Sorry. It’s disinformation.” He identified the clip as from an earlier funeral for King Bhumipol’s sister.
Here is the first clip:

And here is a longer video that clearly identifies the context. This video is labeled the Royal Cremation of HRH Princess Galyani Friday 14, November 2008:

Now I’m wondering, is someone trying to the counter the rumors that Srirasmi has been murdered by using a fake clip? Does anyone have a real clip that shows she is alive? This is the ex-wife of the new King of Thailand and it would be in everyone’s interest to put to rest the rumors that she has been disappeared or murdered. PLEASE show us that she is still alive. We also want to know that her mother, father and other jailed family members are still alive. Thank you.

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