Last Voice of Democracy

By Red Eagle

In the day of darkness, people are tired, exhausted, and depressed. They are weak, lost, poor, and hopeless. People have been deprived of liberty, freedom, and human dignity. They live as if dead. Absolute Monarchy and its network have dictated and backed-up military coups to take democracy from Thais more than 10 times in past 70 years since Thailand proclaimed revolution under Constitutional Monarchy in 1932. In fact, Thai society has never been a real democracy because absolute monarchy and its network have been controlling and have all absolute power in the country by constitutional laws. The more they have coups, the more power and benefits they gain. “Thailand is democratic” is just a sentence to advertise to other countries that Thailand is civilized and attractive to foreign investors and tourists.

The battling between dictators and civilians has been going on more than 70 years directly and indirectly. Directly, civilians who have been supporting democracy, demonstrating or protesting for justice have been destroyed, discredited, smashed, injured, lost, and killed en mass. Indirectly, not only have people been brainwashed by media and propaganda that the King, royal family, and junta militaries have done good things for them, but also they have been controlled by laws, such as, article 112 and 44, etc. In general, people have been taught to hate politicians and democracy. Eventually, people have been set up to believe they should protect the King and royal family with their lives, meanwhile, the opponents who disagree to the dictators have been forced to remain silent, especially inside the country. Whoever would speak up for democracy would be hunted, defamed, accused of something, jailed, or killed, whether publicly or mysteriously. Not only have Thais been hunted by the government, but people have also been hunted and killed by fellow Thai civilians who have brainwashed into zombies.

While civilians have lived hopelessly, there was born a group of people consisting of Uncle Sanamlaung, Sahai Manoi, and the staff of Faiyen Channel. These people have been broadcasting through their own 2 channels called Faiyen Channel and Yammy Revolution Channel to reveal the truth about dictators, the bad things that the King, royal family, and junta militaries have done, and these channels have spoken out for all Thais who have been blinded and exploited by dictators. Thais have not ben able to publically speak out against the King without being penalized. Uncle Sanamlaung and his team have announced their standing points, fearless of the cruel dictatorship. They have lived in constant danger of being hunted and treated maliciously from junta militaries and their networks. They have boldly declared they don’t accept the junta militaries who have robbed the power from Thai people––and that they will no longer accept absolute monarchy, which is exploitation, injustice, cruelty, a hidden devil, and a violation of human rights.

With a clear ideological stance and consistency, Uncle Sanamlaung, Sahai Manoi, and Faiyen Channel staff have opened many eyes; many people have been awaked and acquired knowledge of Thai politics and history. Therefore, Uncle Sanamlaung and team are a center of hope to release all Thais from the darkness of an era of dictatorship. They are founders of Thai Federation, an organization that aims to reform Thailand to be absolute democracy. Therefore, they are being targeted by the Thai government, to seize their voice because they are currently the last hope of Thai democracy: “The last voice, last hope, in the struggle to change the country, to change lives which have fallen into darkness for many generations”

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