Latest lese majesty victim, Nattathida Meewangpla, also a key witness in 2010 temple shooting

The story in Kaosod English is “Key Witness of 2010 Temple Shooting Detained Under 112 Charge.”

112 is the law against insulting the king, queen, or heir apparent, a law that is a flagrant violation of human rights and of international treaties to which Thailand has signed on. The 2010 Temple shooting is the shooting of 6 people, including a volunteer nurse, who took shelter in a Temple as the army, under then General Prayut Chan-ocha put down street protests calling for the resignation of then Prime Minister Abhisit. General Prayut Chan-ocha has refused to accept a court ruling that the army, was responsible for shooting people taking shelter in the temple, despite video and witnesses and ballistic evidence. General Chan-ocha four years later overthrew the elected government and became junta leader and self-appointed Prime Minister.

What do the 2010 Temple Shooting and 112 have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing. Pretty great coincidence for Dictator Prayut Chan-ocha that a woman able to contradict his preferred version of events that day also insulted the royalty.

The woman, Nattathida Meewangpla, had already been in jail 2 years on suspicion of being a terrorist but I guess they never collected enough evidence to convict her. Huh . . . and as soon as she was released she was charged with 112.

I don’t have time today to string together all the ways that this is wrong.


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