More on Thai dissident Ma Noi or Ko Tee, who was disappeared on July 29, 2017

So more sad details about the abduction and probable assassination of the Thai dissident Ma Noi or Ko Tee from the country neighboring Thailand on July 29. AND READ OUR OFFICIAL STATEMENT HERE. As I said the Thai dissidents in this country knew they were being hunted and they were warned that they should move. Ma Noi wouldn’t move because he was worried about his dog. His dog needed a yard to run in. So he stayed to care for his dog and days later he was abducted. This is a picture of Ma Noi and his dog Tuek. Ma Noi had a hard life. He began life as a baby rescued from a trash can where he had been tossed. Here is a list of the main incidents that made Ma Noi famous from a Prachathai article of May of this year: “Ko Tee, the junta’s most wanted radical red shirt”: Ironically, his lese majesty statement, which Thai newspapers treat as unspeakable, is easily found on the internet. You can see it in the video below at minute 15. He blamed King Bhumibol for supporting the Yellow Shirt protests and the series of coups in Thai politics. For this he was driven out of Thailand and was finally hunted down and probably suffocated to death. SHAME ON HIM FOR IMPLYING the monarchy is running things from behind the scenes! I guess he learned his lesson as he was executed by royalist thugs jumping out at him from the shadows.

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