In Thailand, Where is Justice? [English version]

by Red Eagle

Ms. Yingluck and the government can see the suffering of farmers who have experienced many problems. Thailand is one of the biggest rice producing countries in the world and quality is at the top. But the livelihood of the peasants should be improved. But exactly the opposite, farmers have fallen back into poverty. Debt rises every year.

Ms. Yingluck and the Ministry of Commerce have adopted a policy of guaranteeing grain prices to farmers without having to go through middlemen. Yingluck’s policy of rice pledging would make it so Thai farmers have hope to live a better life.

When the coup happened everything, all the good campaigns to help the citizens, had to stop. Yingluck and the Ministry of Commerce were accused of corruption by the National Council for Peace and Order to recover huge damages. It has been a court case for over three years. There is much evidence but no evidence has appeared that she is guilty of corruption of the country. It is not by rule of law that she has been charged but by arbitrary  power.

The law enforcement system will not be effective. There are two standards, as everyone understands . The judges will have a mafia command system following the people in power. To go to demand justice for yourself and for those who do what is rubbish must be like a nightmare.

Finally, Yingluck escaped the unjust Thai justice process.

Here is a list of Yingluck’s Ministers who have been sent to prison:

  1. Boonsong Teriyapirom, former Minister of Commerce, sentenced to 42 years without parole.
  2. Khun Poom Sarapon former Deputy Minister of Commerce, sentences to 36 years without parole
  3. Mr. Manat Saiplay, former Director General of Department of Foreign Affairs, sentenced to for 40 years, no parole.
  4. Mr. Tikhamporn Nathavorathat, former Director of the Office of Foreign Trade and Former Deputy Foreign Trade Department, sentenced to 32 years without a parole.
  5. Mr. Akarapong Choukleing or Taveepra, former Secretary of the Department of Foreign Trade, and former Director of the Office of Foreign Trade, sentenced to 24 years.
  6. Mr. Apichart or Sia-Peeng Jansakunporn CEO of Siam indica, sentenced to 48 years without parole.

Justice and fairness cannot be found if the mafia system still dominates the country. None of them are guilty at all. They have to jail, and the only reason is that they want to help the farmers.

The penalties we receive, it’s more like being executed without doing anything wrong. It is the return of everyone who wants to improve the status of farmers. Do not think that the prize you receive is the loss of freedom. This is no different that receiving the death penalty. There is no word to describe it. Compare it to other cases, for example:

Praewa 9 Deadbodies. This woman driving without driving license killed 9 people and never served jail time even 1 minute. She left all 9 families in a nightmare and the end of the case does not even have the admission of a mistake to the families of the victims.

Vorayuth  Yoowitaya.  This rich boy, heir to the Red Bull fortune, his driving left seven dead, and he never received a single penalty. And he fled and still escapes the case.

In May 2010, Red Shirt protesters came out and demanded democracy within the government. Mr. Aphisit and Mr. Suthep were leaders at the time. There have been 99 deaths, more than two thousand injuries and many disappeared. Mr. Abhisit and Mr. Suthep are responsible but there has been no result from any of the many, many obvious cases of killing and murder, including some with very clear incriminating evidence. But the justice system of the country and fairness have been lost from Thailand for as long time now, as the coups happen again and again. The people who do things for the citizens are rewared with loss of freedom, imprisonment, death and suffering.

On the other side, a servant of evil deeds, who does the worst, has been hailed as an exemplary person. What happened to this society? Where is justice?

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