2015-08-20: Thai citizens worldwide should not be held accountable for decisions and actions by the army junta leaders

Subject: Thai citizens worldwide should not be held accountable for decisions and actions by the army junta leaders

Dear Muslim and International Friends:

Since the coup staged successfully against elected government on May 22, 2014, the Thai army junta leaders have destroyed all democratic principles as they have also grossly violated the basic human rights and dignity of Thais in their efforts to totally suppress all forms of resistance. Having successfully imposed themselves as enforcers of the legislative, executive, and judicial powers, the dictatorial networks that are empowered by and also comprised of the Privy Council, the Royal Thai army, the Bangkokian and middle-class elites, the distorted media, and the fascistic mass are now able to control the country and falsely make it look as if the majority of Thais happily agreed with them and their dictatorial and undemocratic roadmaps that are paved cunningly for their hidden agenda to extend their reign in power as the country is tragically plunging further to the abysmal bottom.

As millions of Thais have been suffering from all types of abusive treatments, we are very sad and shocked to learn that the Thai army junta has recently collaborated with its main ally, China, in reportedly repatriating 109 Uyghurs to China in violation of the agreements Thailand has made with the international community in accordance with the Declaration of Universal Human Rights and several other conventions concerning the basic human rights, particularly in terms of asylum and repatriation. Meanwhile, we are also very concerned when news keeps emerging, in which our Turkish and Muslim friends in Turkey and several other countries have attacked the Thai embassies, consulates, and, in fewer cases, Thai citizens living abroad.

While we frankly and most honestly share our deep understanding of the wrath that relatives and friends of the unfortunate Urghurs must inevitably feel, we also carry the strong urge to remind you all, our Muslim and international friends, that the decision to repatriate the vulnerable Urghurs from Thailand by the Thai junta was made without any approval of Thai citizens. In fact, all the critical voices of Thais in Thailand and even abroad have been strictly suppressed, all participations barred, and all balances and checks voided. Therefore, we will join you all in condemning the Thai authorities acting according to the orders of the tyrannical and dictatorial regime, but we do humbly ask you all, Muslim and international friends, to not hurt any Thai citizen living around the world. We sincerely hope that you will understand this truest and fairest statement of facts and will continue to condemn and boycott the Thai junta while leaving innocent Thais out of the equation of any retaliative act.

In most sincere respect and great faith,

Thai Alliance for Human Rights,
on behalf of innocent Thai citizens worldwide