Letter from Narisara Viwatchara to Thai Ambassador to South Korea: May 8, 2017

CREDIT: Narisara Viwatchara: May 8, 2017

Dear Ambassador Sarun,

This is in response to your letter of May 2, 2017 which is herein illustrated below.

You have repeatedly stated that Jatupat Boonpattararaksa (Pai Dowdin) has violated Thailand’s strict lese majeste law which carries a mandatory jail term of 3-15 years, if convicted, for each offense.

Don’t you know, such a law is contrary to the U.N.’s charters with regard to human rights and freedom of expression. I wish to remind you that Thailand is a member of the United Nations. Therefore, it is mandatory that Thailand must strictly be in compliance with the rules and charters of the U.N.

Additionally, this despicable law has been universally condemned by all the civilized nations around the world. Because it is barbaric and has no place in any political environment in any country in the 21st Century.

Respect and love of an institution should come from the heart, not by an enactment and enforcement of an unjust law.

Jatupat must be freed unconditionally and immediately!


Narisara Viwatchara


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