English Translation of Evidence in the Case of Ma Noi (Ko Tee): He Predicted His Death

Dr. Piangdin Rakthai went through some of the last broadcasts of Ma Noi  (real Wuttipong Kochathammakun, aka Ko Tee) and discovered that he several times mentioned that he was afraid he would be killed. Here is one of those instances it is from the broadcast labeled, หมาน้อย รายการสู่ !! เพื่อ สหพันธรัฐไท  “กษัตริย์ขายยาเสพติด” ตอนที่ 3 ประจำวันที่ 14/7/2017 (The Channel Fighting!! for a Free Federal State, Episode 3 of “The King Sells Drugs” July, 14, 2017) at minute 23:00 to 24:07:

“All these that I have presented in episodes so that they won’t be boring. I have done all these firstly because we don’t have weapons, no tanks, M16, AKA, or submarines. So we use this small media channel to condemn the wrongdoings of the Monarch as all the media surrender in silence and fear. So I Ma Noi Have to do this. I have told you many times that I will not be discouraged to fight with the royal regime, although there are obstacles such as being hunted by the king’s servants, who have spent an enormous amount of money to have someone shoot at my head or slit by throat so that I wouldn’t be able to speak and persuade you the people to rise up and topple the monarchy.”

Fifteen days later, in a country neighboring Thailand, he was abducted by 10 Thai men wearing ski masks with tasers. The witnesses, who were tied up and blindfolded at the time, say they heard him say he couldn’t breath and then go quiet. He is presumed dead. The attack happened July 29, the day after King Vajiralongkorn’s birthday, a date all the Federalists were hyper-aware of, if only to mock it. There is a rumor going around among the Thai dissidents that Vajiralongkorn had him killed as a birthday present to himself.

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