CICC-Affilitated Activities

TAHR was invited to be an ally with the Coalition for International Criminal Court (CICC) in 2013, not very long after its establishment on June 28, 2014.  Being an ally, TAHR is eligible for attending the ICC’s (International Criminal Court) annual Assembly of States Parties (ASP) as NGO representatives from Thailand.  Thailand already joined the ICC, but it has not ratified the Rome Statute.  Therefore, one of the main goals of TAHR joining the CICC is to solicit help and ways of pushing Thailand toward ratification.  It also seeks to help to build civil society in which universal justices are eventually established.

12th ASP, The Hague, November 22-28, 2014: see


13th ASP, the United Nations, New York (December 8-17, 2014): see


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